Friday, August 10, 2018

Another Life Update

OK i planned to write only one post for paying the 3 years vacuum time and this is the 3rd one

btw it feels like this holiday is longer than last year because i don't even doing anything related to any committee sooo i feel so much relieved to enjoy my holiday without my head keep buzzing when it should be rested
but turns out i feel confused every morning thinking about what should i do today???beside eat sleep do games and read webtoons?????

and in a month from now i will be in nangor but i haven't feel enough for being hoommeeeeeeee

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Life Update --Continued

before i start this one i will put the cover of my most-often-used textbooks. for my own satisfaction
Image result for moore textbookImage result for guytonImage result for junqueira textbook

i got it from google and no i'm not a textbook seller. ok let's go on

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

After 3 Years of Typing Nothing ((except college stuffs))

nyanyanyanya i'm baaccckkkhh

it feels weird to talk to myself again after these 3 years have gone by.
by talk to myself i mean writing this blog a new entry.....writing in this kinda-diary thing is similar to talk to ourself isn't it

soooooo i will do a life update! throwing back to these, approximately, 36months ((tired of 3 years)). let's start it shall we~~ btw this gonna be a long, long post